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Multicollector mass spectrometer for isotopes

Commissioned in early 2008, this facility consists of a Nu Instruments TM multi-collector ICPMS equipped with a deep UV excimer laser model G2, built by Photon Machines TM, for analysis of isotopic systems in solids. The instrument also has a desolvating nebulizer, for analysis of isotopes in liquids.

Methodologies in use include:

• Age dating – in situ U-Pb
• zircon, monazite, titanite, xenotime
• Sulfur & copper isotopes – in situ on sulfides
• Li, Mg, Sr, Pb, U – on waters and single element solutions
• Sr isotopes – in situ on plagioclase
• Pb isotopes – in situ on K-spar, sulfides, tellurides
• Hf isotopes – in situ on zircon
• U series – on single element solutions


Lisätietoja: Yann Lahaye, puh. +358 50 348 7625, sähköposti: yann.lahaye_gtk.fi

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Multicollector mass spectrometer for isotopes